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Dr. Carol Schwartz has been a professional educator for more than 34 years, serving in many different capacities. She is currently an assistant professor and the Associate Chair of  the Education Department of an area university.

Previously, she was an educational technologist working with teachers in northwest Ohio. She also managed the distance learning program and instructional services for a regional community college, and directed the technology program in a public school district, after teaching high school students for many years. In each of these positions, her primary goal has been to create authentic, active learning experiences and quality instruction that is supported by effective technology integration.   

Her experience teaching Social Studies in private and public high schools for 21 years provides a fundamental background for strong curricular structure and knowledge of all that teaching entails.

Carol Schwartz, Ph.D.

In addition to currently teaching educational psychology, differentiated instruction, and assessment, Carol has also taught both online and face-to-face courses in educational leadership, instructional technology focusing on classroom practice, and technology management.

Carol is a frequent presenter at conferences, especially those dealing with instructional technology . Many of the materials on this Web site come from those topical presentations. She has also worked with individual schools, districts, and agencies as a consultant in educational technology, curriculum and instructional design, and staff development.


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