For the fun of it! Who said copyright prevention couldn't be fun?

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Bloom's Taxomony
  REVISED Bloom's Taxonomy

Copyright Guidelines Chart from Jefferson County (Colorado) Public Schools
  Leeward Community College Faculty Resources

Hazelwood Missouri Schools Multimedia Copyright WebQuest
  ODE IMS Classroom Assessment
  School Library Journal: The Problem of Plagiarism (EBSCO Host access)


The Seattle Times: "Educators Blame Internet for Rise in Student Cheating"

Stanwood Elementary - Copyright Guidelines for students

Technology & Learning Copyright Quiz
U.S. Copyright Office - Copyright Basics (Circular 1)
U.S. Copyright Office - Definitions (FAQ)
  University of North Carolina-When Works Pass Into The Public Domain
Copyright Information
  ALA Copyright
  Copyright Bay (Be sure to visit!)

Copyright Kids
  Copyright Alliance Education Foundation
  Copyright BriefNOTES for Students
  Copyright Management Center Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis
  JeffCo Library Services Copyright Guidelines
  Leeward CC Faculty Resources on Distance Learning and Copyright
  Library Journal - To Link, or Not To Link
  Overview of Copyright and Distance Education
  Stanford University Copyright & Fair Use Center

Technology & Learning Copyright Chart

Technology & Learning Educator's Guide to Copyright and Fair Use

Technology & Learning Copyright and Plagiarism for Print, Video, Images, and Electronic Articles
  University of California OTT Copyright Matters
Preventing Plagiarism
  Capital Community College Statement on Plagiarism
  Dalhousie University Faculty Resources: Assignment Ideas that Prevent Plagiarism
  Dalhousie University Faculty Resources: Assignment Design Strategies

Dealing With Plagiarism

From Now On: The New Plagiarism
  Internet Plagiarism in America's Schools
  Plagiarism Sources for Teachers

Safety 'Net - On Plagiarism

Ten Principles of Academic Integrity
  The Instructors Guide To Internet Plagiarism
The Plagiarism Court You Be the Judge
  Truman State University Creative Assignment Ideas for Faculty
  Web English Teacher: Preventing Plagiarism
Web Services for Detecting Plagiarism (Charges for use vary.)
  Electronic Plagiarism Seminar
  Glatt Plagiarism Services
Citing Sources
  A Research Guide for Students

Citation Machine -- The Landmark Project
  Columbia Guide to Online Style
  Duke University-Citing Sources

ONLINE! Citation Styles Index Citation Resources
Additional Resources
  Authentic Assessment Toolbox
  Plagiarism Prevention Resources Downers Grove (IL) North High School Library
  Plagiarism Stoppers: A Teacher's Guide Naperville IL Central High School
  American School Board Journal: Generation of Cheaters April 1999 cover story
  Copyright Crash Course University of Texas 
  Who Owns What?  Intellectual Property from Copyright Crash Course
  Copyright and Intellectual Property--Who Owns What? Technology and Learning Summary

Copyscape A free service to prevent copyright violation of websites
  CyberSmart Lesson Plans on Copyright and Plagiarism Prevention
    Grades 4-6: Whose Is It, Anyway?
    Grades 6-8: Consider Copying

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