The lesson ideas are intended as a starting point from which teachers can generate lesson plans that are aligned to their specific content standards, teaching styles, and classroom needs.

Lesson Idea 1  
1. Digital Cameras in the Elementary Classroom 2. Digital Images in Lessons 3. Classroom Ideas 4. Digital Quilt
5. Ideas by Content Area 6. Arnie Abrams' Digital  Projects: Table of Contents 7. Creative Uses in the Classroom 8. Digital Photography in Action
9. Digital Storytelling 10. More Digital Camera in the Classroom  11. 1001 Uses for a Digital Camera 12. ReadWriteThink Lesson Plan
13. Using Photos in Classroom Lessons 14. NCrtec Lesson Plans and Ideas 15. Teacher to Teacher 16. Digital Camera in Education
17. Going Digital in the Classroom 18. Lesson Plans by Subject and by Grade 19. Jigsaw Planet  
Lesson Idea 2
Lesson Idea 3
Shapes and Colors Slide Show
Lesson Idea 4
Lesson Idea 5
Visual Story Problem Slide Show
Digital Video Lesson Ideas




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