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1. Calendars have been used to mark the passing of time. In colder countries, what marked the concept of a year?
2. Every four years, the month of February has an extra day. Who proposed, way back in 45 B.C.E., that an "extra" day be added to the calendar?
3. Speaking of proposals, according to an old Irish tradition, who can propose marriage during Leap Years?
4. Who is the patron saint of Ireland whose feast day on March 17 is a national holiday there?
5. Which ancient civilization added a whole Leap Year every every 1460 years, instead of a Leap Day every four years?
6. March is the month when Spring officially begins. What is the scientific name for the beginning of Spring?
7. The scientific beginning of Spring happens on one of two date(s) every year. What date marks the scientific start of Spring?
8. The scientific start of Spring doesn't even use the name of the season! Why do we call this season Spring?
9. ,  Traditional symbols of Spring include flowers, baby chicks, and rabbits. What kind of animal is a spring hare and where does it live?
10. ,   The "Last Great Race on Earth" also takes place in March, and a different animal is involved. What is the race and what animal is featured in it?
11. ,   How long is this race and where does it take place?
12. ,   Poetry is sometimes associated with Spring. An American poet, with a un-Spring-like name was born in March. Who is he and when is his birthday?
13. ,  Spring also inspired an American composer. Who wrote Appalachian Spring and when did he write it?
14. In America, we sometimes dedicate whole months to the accomplishments of people. What did Congress designate March as the celebration of?
15. Speaking of Congress, how many women currently represent Ohio in the House of Representatives? (Be careful...some records show beginning and end dates.)
16. ,  Women have won award for their accomplishments, including Nobel prizes. Who was the first woman to win a Nobel prize and when did she win it?
17. ,   The woman above won not only one Nobel prize, but two! In which two areas did she win Nobel Prizes?
18. Alfred Nobel, a Swedish inventor, left money in his will to honor people who made outstanding contributions to society. What did he invent that provided his fortune?
19. ,   What is the current monetary value of a Nobel Prize and when are they awarded?

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