Happy St. Patrick's Day

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Be sure to print a copy of the map when the directions tell you to do so. The map is the second part of this assignment.

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Many people and cultures celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but the nation that is best known for its celebration because of St. Patrick's influence is                                     .

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on                         because that is the date he was executed in 461 A.D.

St. Patrick's Day is very special in Ireland where it is celebrated more as a                                holiday like Christmas or Easter.
4. We know him as "St. Patrick," but history records that his real name was probably                             .
5. His first trip to Ireland was not Patrick's choice. He was captured by pirates (watch the video) and worked as a                          , for six years.
6. You might see two flags representing Ireland--one with a harp and one with stripes. The three colors of the official flag of the country are                       .
7. ,
The                                    is the plant that is a common symbol of Ireland; a lesser know symbol is the _________________, which is the musical instrument often shown on coins.
8. Look carefully at the map pictured at this link and the map key. According to the key, the capital of Ireland is                            . (Print out the map page for your next assignment while you are there.)
9. Looking at the map you just printed, Ireland's official name as a nation is                              .
10. Using your printed map, the ocean that borders Ireland on the west is the                                   ocean.
11. Ireland is about the same size as the US state of                               .
12. On the map you can see that Ireland is part of Western Europe, but the land is not connected, which would make the county an                             .
13. The                                    is the official dog of Ireland, and it is huge. It is a big as a large man when it stands on its hind legs!

Students at Lumcloon National School are kind enough to share some of their learning projects on web. This school is located in                                     , which is in County Offaly in Ireland.


Lumcloon National School seems much smaller than American schools; this Irish school has                                    (give the number) teachers!

16. ,    Lumcloon National School recently had one principal retire after a long career.                                     is the name of the principal who retired after working at LNS for                                     years!
17.                                     is the name of the new principal of Lumcloon National School.
18. From all the you have seen and read, what IS the traditional color associated with the Irish and St. Patrick?

When you have filled in all the answers, make sure you have put your name at the top of the assignment and print it. Continue to work on the map that you printed when you were looking for answers on the Internet. Your teacher will give you further directions.

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