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1. Name the person who not only worked to make Thanksgiving a national holiday, but also wrote “Mary had a Little Lamb.”
2. ,   Although George Washington issued a proclamation for a Thanksgiving celebration in 1789, who was the president, and in what year, that made it a national holiday to be celebrated annually on the fourth Thursday of November.
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Name the president who changed the national Thanksgiving celebration to the third week of November to boost the economy and lengthen the Christmas shopping season; this  was reversed how many years later and Thanksgiving went back to the fourth week in November.

4. What is the traditional Thanksgiving food that is one of the “most unique fruits in the world, and only three fruits native to North America?
5. Cranberries got that name from Dutch and German settlers who thought the blossoms looked like which bird?
6. What causes cranberries to float in water and to bounce?
7. ,   What do we call the special kind of wetlands where cranberries grow; these can be found in many areas of the country. Name one region.
8. ,   What is the distance (in miles) between two “turkey towns”—Turkey, Texas, and Turkey, North Carolina. About how long would it take to drive from one town to the other?
9. ,   What store sponsors an annual Thanksgiving Day parade that is broadcast across the country. In what year was the first New York City parade started by employees of this store?
10. Thanksgiving is a celebration that commemorates the harvest celebration that was shared by Pilgrim settlers and Native Americans from which tribe?
11. Some people think the “First Thanksgiving” actually should be traced to 1619 when British colonists gave thanks for “their healthy arrival” in North American after a long voyage. Where were those thankful colonists living?
12. ,   There are only two foods that historians know for sure were on the dinner tables for the Native Americans and Pilgrims at their harvest celebration in 1621. What were those foods?
13. Where and how did historians find the information about the food served at the “First Thanksgiving” feast?
14. What was the best way to cook things in the seventeenth century?
15. ,   Some Americans might be eating “turducken” this year for Thanksgiving. This is a specially prepared combination of turkey, and what other two things?
16. What was the name of the ship that brought settlers from England to the “New World” in 1620?
17. One thing is certain; football was not a part of the first Thanksgiving celebration. Games similar to football were played for centuries, but who created or developed American football rules and formations in the late 1800s?
18. Football moved from colleges to professional competition with the creation of the American Professional Football Association in what year?

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