Happy Valentine's Day

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There are many legends about who the "original" Valentine was and what he did, but most stories say he lived in ancient _____________ .
Valentine probably died or was buried around the year __________ , which is why we celebrate in mid-February.
The ancient feast of ______________ was celebrated on February 15, and some believe Valentine's Day would shift the focus from this pagan celebration.
Esther Howland first sold commercial Valentines in America and made a whooping ___________ in the first year of business, which was a lot of money in 1840!
The Greeting Card Association estimates that ___________ cards are sent each year, and most of them--85%--are purchased by women!
Instead of greeting cards, men might buy Valentine gifts such as chocolates or ___________________.

Two symbols of Valentine's day are very common; the _________ was  thought to be the center of our emotions and the other is ___________, the son of the Roman goddess Venus
Some people believe that different kinds of flowers have special meanings. If you send someone a bouquet of red chrysanthemums, you're telling them _______________________.
Another Valentine's Day superstition deals with birds that young women might see on that day. If a woman sees a goldfinch, it's thought to be a sign that she will marry ____________________.
There are Valentine traditions in other countries. In Sicily, young couples are likely to announce _________________ on this day.









History is full or great romances and love stories between famous couples. Provide the "other half" of these famous pairs:

Antony and (1)______________________

(2)___________________ and Guinevere

Heloise and (3)_____________________

(4)_______________________ and Juliet

John Alden and (5)__________________

(6)________________ and Abigail Adams

Queen Victoria and (7)   ______________


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